Innovation at the cutting edge of HIV prevention for key populations in Asia


    The HIV Foundation Asia is a non-profit organisation registered in January 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand. With a Thai Board of Directors we bring people together from diverse languages, cultures and nations. We combine our skills and different world views to contribute to ending HIV in Asia.

    The truth is that there is no time to lose. In Asia, HIV epidemics among key populations show no sign of abating. At the same time, key populations for HIV are least likely to come forward for health services. Key populations include migrants, refugees and highly mobile populations, women in sex work, people who inject drugs, Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and transgender people. We act as a regional technical hub that designs new service methods to interrupt HIV transmission, illness and death. We deliver these innovations in Asian cities to people living with and affected by HIV.

    We publish what we do freely – in an online open-source environment – so that governments and service organisations can use what we learn. We also translate our technical resources in to local languages to support grassroots organisations to easily adopt what we do. We are technically supported by the health development organisation APMGlobal Health. We owe much to APMGlobal Health for our management and technical expertise.

    In this section of our website you’ll find our corporate series including Our Capacity Statement 2015, our Strategic Plan 2015-2018 and our Action Areas 2015-2018. In the sub-menu above we introduce you to our impressive management team.




    The HIV Foundation Asia designs new service methods to interrupt HIV transmission, illness and death. We deliver these innovations in Asian cities. Using urban mapping techniques we identify local places where there are high numbers of people with undiagnosed HIV. Accompanying and case management services link people to HIV and STI testing, treatment and care. Competent technical management means we report on our value for money, our service activity and quality and its impact on the health of the people we serve. Read Our Capacity Statement 2015 here.



    The HIV Foundation Asia increases meaningful knowledge of HIV status by testing people for HIV so they can understand and act to stay HIV free or prevent illness and death. We link people to care and treatment services to prevent loss-to-follow-up. We encourage the maintenance of undetectable HIV viral load in people living with HIV. By supporting lifelong health seeking we help people with HIV and related diseases to live longer lives. To contribute to the health sector we publish what we learn in multiple Asian languages. Read our Strategic Plan 2015-2018 here.



    The HIV Foundation Asia develops innovations in HIV prevention that incorporate breakthroughs in treatment-as-prevention and new policy guidance called the HIV Treatment Cascade. Developing new knowledge and expertise focuses us on the design of new service methods for and with key populations for HIV. Creating shared value with the corporate sector means adopting commercial innovation and applying it in the non-profit health sector. We aim to build and sustain national alliances by supporting and working with HIV Foundations around the world. Read Our Action Areas 2015-2018 here.

Our Partners

What Our Partners Say ?

  • “I undertook a small internal review in the foundation in April 2014. I interviewed 10 staff and clients, reviewed case files and other documents. What I found was inspiring. This is an organization that does what it promises to do.”

    Dr Jan Willem de Lin van Wijngaarden
    HIV development practitioner
  • “We find the foundation to be a responsive, professional and accountable partner. Their leadership team has a great mix of management, HIV technical, research and service delivery skills. We love their passion, their focus, their commitment to innovation.”

    Lou McCallum
    Director at APMGlobal Health
  • “I’ve interviewed Khun Nikorn and his team at length about their work and seen their comprehensive data set which demonstrates their results firsthand. I strongly believe their model should be better understood and replicated in other cities around the world.”

    Don Baxter
    Co-Chair of The Global Forum for MSM
  • “We are a small, unregistered group in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In 2013 we partnered with The HIV Foundation to deliver HIV case management. Now, we are an organization that has the confidence of staff in local hospitals and clinics.”

    Ms Kaewta Sangsuk
     Director of Our Choice, Chiang Mai
  • In 2014 we asked the HIV Foundation to act as a fiscal agent for a UNAIDS grant. We were so pleased with their financial competence that we quickly moved all our grants over to them until we receive our own local registration.

    Ms Natt Kraipet
    Coordinator of the Asia Pacific Network of Transgender People