Innovation at the cutting edge of HIV prevention for key populations in Asia


    The HIV Foundation Asia develops cutting-edge research and innovative service models. A unique aspect of our approach is that we technically design and deliver services. We apply new ideas to services that we deliver in the streets, the slums, in homes, workplaces and in hospitals to improve people’s lives. We partner with international, regional and national organizations to create shared value. Together, we generate new ideas, new partnerships and new knowledge that can contribute to achieving an AIDS free future. We partner with research institutions, governments, and for- profit and not-for-profit organisations. This section of the website provides technical briefs, case studies and reports we’ve developed in partnership with other organisations.



    Asian Cities and HIV

    This concept note outlines a method for scaling up high quality HIV programming for key populations in urban settings across Asia. Global estimates show that as many as 50 percent of people living with HIV reside in cities. In Asia, low national prevalence masks higher HIV prevalence and incidence rates in certain geographical areas, in particular in cities.

    Toward Universal Access for MSM and Transgender People

    This UNDP Report was the culmination of work led by staff at The HIV Foundation Asia in six Asian mega-cities to scale-up HIV programming for MSM and Transgender People. The foundation partnered with APMGlobal Health in the design, delivery and authoring of this report.

    City Scanning Implementation Guide

    A methodology for inquiry and analysis used in a Six Cities Scanning Initiative undertaken by UNDP in the Asia Pacific region in 2010 in partnership with APMGlobal Health and team members from The HIV Foundation Asia. This Guide provides the tools used in this participatory, appreciative inquiry‐based project targeting men who have sex with men and transgender people in mega‐cities.



    Getting Gender in to HIV Programming

    This article explores gender and gender inequity in regional responses to key populations for HIV including issues for women who inject drugs and women in sex work, Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), transgender people and female partners of MSM and men who buy sex. Developed in collaboration with APMGlobal Health it presents two innovative interventions that are attempting to address gender relate issues in key populations in the Asia Pacific.




    Case Study: “It Makes Me Want to Come Back Here”

    In March 2012, members of The HIV Foundation Asia partnered with USAID and PEPFAR’s AIDSTAR-One to produce a case study on the approach to HIV testing among MSM taken at Silom Community Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand.


    Case Study: “I’m Proud of My Courage to Test”

    In February 2012, members of The HIV Foundation Asia partnered with USAID and PEPFAR’s AIDSTAR-One to produce a case study on the approach to HIV testing among transgender people at Sisters community-based organisation in Pattaya, Thailand.

Our Partners

What Our Partners Say ?

  • “I undertook a small internal review in the foundation in April 2014. I interviewed 10 staff and clients, reviewed case files and other documents. What I found was inspiring. This is an organization that does what it promises to do.”

    Dr Jan Willem de Lin van Wijngaarden
    HIV development practitioner
  • “We find the foundation to be a responsive, professional and accountable partner. Their leadership team has a great mix of management, HIV technical, research and service delivery skills. We love their passion, their focus, their commitment to innovation.”

    Lou McCallum
    Director at APMGlobal Health
  • “I’ve interviewed Khun Nikorn and his team at length about their work and seen their comprehensive data set which demonstrates their results firsthand. I strongly believe their model should be better understood and replicated in other cities around the world.”

    Don Baxter
    Co-Chair of The Global Forum for MSM
  • “We are a small, unregistered group in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In 2013 we partnered with The HIV Foundation to deliver HIV case management. Now, we are an organization that has the confidence of staff in local hospitals and clinics.”

    Ms Kaewta Sangsuk
     Director of Our Choice, Chiang Mai
  • In 2014 we asked the HIV Foundation to act as a fiscal agent for a UNAIDS grant. We were so pleased with their financial competence that we quickly moved all our grants over to them until we receive our own local registration.

    Ms Natt Kraipet
    Coordinator of the Asia Pacific Network of Transgender People